onsdag den 14. oktober 2015

Add blank space to an image in Mac Preview?

A hack on how to add empty/blank space to an image using Preview on Mac:
  1. Get the size in pixels of what you want the canvas to be
  2. Generate an image of that size here: https://placehold.it/{W}x{H} (e.g.https://placehold.it/350x1136)
  3. Copy the image (Control click, copy image)
  4. Open preview, press ⌘ command + N or File > New From Clipboard
  5. In the new image, select all (⌘ command + A) then hit delete
  6. Copy your original image(s) into your new canvas, reposition as needed
It's a hack, but it works. If you need anything more precise, then you'll probably need a proper photo editor.

This hack is found thanks to this source:

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